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This is an introduction to the rendering ideas and the "alpha" application used to generate. It is usable for AGU, with the inclusion of constant text at lower right as a context reference, "What is this stuff??"
Last Updated: 1037 days ago
Author: Rob Fatland
Uploaded by: Rob Fatland
Category: Oceans & Rivers
Community: Oceanography
MBARI, Chris Scholin, John Ryan
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I am extremely fascinated, to say the very least, with your tour! I would like to thank you for taking the time to develop it. After reviewing your data and video, it is clear to me that you have spent a lot of your own time in developing them. It was extremely beneficial as well as educational.

I have been looking for something comparable to a binary code that would help me understand some of the drastic change in Michigan temperature and I do beleive these datasets are pretty close to perfect, in ordinary language.

This tour is related to several others findable using 'MBARI'; the others feature related datasets from the Dorado Drifter CTD time series.

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