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A brief tour of the dark regions in galaxies that form stars and planets. For more information and video clips related to this tour, click on the link to the PBS NOVA Dust and Us site below.
Last Updated: 1108 days ago
Author: Alyssa Goodman
Uploaded by: Rob Fatland
Category: Astronomy
Community: Astronomy
Alyssa Goodman, Harvard University
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Top Star
SAO 100944
GSC 1472:1436, HIP 69673, PPM 130442, HD 124897, B 19 2777
Flamsteed-Bayer: 16-Alpha Bootis

Bottom Right Star
SAO 100766
GSC 1470:1157, HIP 67927, PPM 130166, HD 121370, B 19 2725
Flamsteed-Bayer: 8-Eta Bootis

Bottom Left Location
Cursor position
RA: 14h 08m 37.5s Dec: 13�32'47"
RA: 14h 08m 28.5s Dec: 13�33'42" (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 281�40'53" Alt: 07�09'47"
Rise: 06:46 Transit: 13:34 Set: 20:22
From Muphrid:
Angular separation: 05�51'44"
Position angle: 145�05'
Arcturus[arktoor�us] Pronunciation Key, brightest star in the constellation Bootes and 4th-brightest star in the entire sky; Bayer designation Alpha Bootis; 1992 position R.A. 14h15.3m, Dec. 19�13�. An orange giant of spectral class K2 III, it has an apparent magnitude of -0.06; its diameter is about 10 times that of the sun and its luminosity about 100 times that of the sun. Arcturus is one of the nearest gia

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