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WWT Tour file Earthquakes and Plate Boundaries

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Events around both the recent large Samoa and Tohoku earthquakes; with subduction slab visualizations and some fault mechanism rendering.
Last Updated: 829 days ago
Author: Rob Fatland
Uploaded by: Rob Fatland
Category: General Interest
Community: Seismology
IRIS, NEIC (USGS); Gavin Hayes
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Still a pretty spiffy Tour. A search on 'Tohoku' turns up more recent Tours including one featuring Gavin Hayes' slip model: Shows the main Tohoku shock propagating across the face of the plate boundary.

How can I join this community? Please address me at Thanks. It all looks so interesting!

And we are so small near the great adventure where the universe take place, all its power!

I love the work being done on this tour! It is extremely interesting and informative. I would like to personally thank Rob Fatland for making this tour possible! Without people such as himself, tours such as this one would probably not be possible!

This is good work!

I like this Tour as it shows what Layerscape can do in three and four dimensions. It was built through collaboration with seismologists and using the API provided with the Worldwide Telescope application.

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