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A Tutorial on data import using the Excel Add In and subsequent visualization and Tour building. This is the place to start if you are new to Layerscape and WWT and want to get going with a hands-on approach.
Last Updated: 381 days ago
Author: Rob Fatland
Uploaded by: Rob Fatland
Category: How To
Community: How To
Rob Fatland
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Eu curto a Layerscape, e associada ao Worldwide � um casamento perfeito. Parab�ns aos desenvolvedores e a toda equipe.

I appreciate the Layerscape Workshop A presentation, it was very helpful. You mention at the end a workshop B, which doesn't appear to exist on the Layerscape site currently. Since the first workshop was uploaded (or updated) 305 days ago, should I assume there is no workshop B forthcoming?


P.S. - ;)

I walked through the materials for this how to in about an hour and easily created my first tour. It was super-simple to follow Rob's instructions and I'm excited about using real data in my next tour. Big thanks to Rob for creating this workshop!

This is the place to start if you are looking for a blow-by-blow tutorial that starts pretty much from scratch. At the end you'll know how to use the Excel Add In, how to create a Tour, and how to publish it to Layerscape.

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