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It was the first tour made by my wife on WWT program.
She leading workshops with children of astronomy. Dorota often supplements them with art activities. This tour is a combination of capabilities and the use of art created by children.See


Last Updated: 1178 days ago
Author: Dorota Sporysz-Kupras
Uploaded by: Jacek Kupras
Category: Astronomy
Community: U Kuprasów
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Thank you very much, I am very pleased that this tour trip like so many people.


I am very pleased. The astronomy and art seems to me the most accurate combination for kids. Thanks a lot for the description of the "Malowane Niebo"on your blog. Look how children work:

This is beautiful - great combination of the music, visualizes and the children's art.

Of course you can. Thank you very much.
In the near future I will publish a tour about ancient Greek mythology and the constellations. Keep an eye.

bing translator! I hope it did a reasonable job :) If you don't object I would like to include this Tour as Featured Content for Layerscape.

Thanks a lot Rob. I see Google translator went into motion :) During our last workshop in Gdansk, we used WWT to show the Cosmos as a great wizard, engineer and artist. Children engaged in art work nebulae - on the abrasive paper with colored chalk. I like to combine IT technology with art, literacy, mythology. WWT is well suited to this.

Best regards from Poland,

Dziękujemy za przyczynianie się to. Jest bardzo piękne!!!

This is just beautiful! Thanks so much for contributing it!!!

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