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As part of the WorldWide Telescope Open Source initiative, features provided by the Layerscape site have been built into the site and the site is being retired. Existing content has been migrated to the new system. Please upgrade your WorldWide Telescope Windows application to latest version available here.


From the upper reaches of the atmosphere to Earth's core, Layerscape lets you seamlessly share and explore 3D/4D visualizations of complex datasets via WorldWide Telescope. With Layerscape, you can:

  • Explore your data in a four-dimensional virtual geospatial environment.
  • Discover and explore data-driven Tours built from other data
  • Publish your own Tours, data, images, documents, videos, and more
  • Share and collaborate with other community members, either publicly or by invitation.

How you can see what's here: Watch this introductory video, check out Layerscape on YouTube, read this feature overview, and then learn more about the powerful technology available from Microsoft Research. You can also explore the Featured Content (below) : Click on the links and play the videos. To really dive in: Install WWT, and click 'Sign In' to explore Layerscape on your PC.

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